arsd update - cgi listen to many

Posted 2023-07-31

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arsd work

I've still been doing a little bit of arsd work despite being generally busy the last several weeks. Among the new things:

  • cgi.d's automagic now supports UploadedFile[]
  • cgi.d can now listen on ipv6 by simply passing an ipv6 address to the listening host parameter (command line or through the RequestServer object)
  • cgi.d can listen on multiple ports simultaneously with its new --listen command line argument (or the new RequestServer constructor that takes a string[]).
  • http2.d can now add default headers to a client object
  • database.d is starting to move away from strings

I think I'm gonna tag v11.0 at the end of this week, even if everything on the list. The breakages are documented and I don't think I'll do any more in the existing thing, so I can start rolling out the other integrations in minor releases instead of doing them all at once.

This summer hasn't been good for me doing open source week. Between day job, child, rides, and other things, I just haven't had much time to keep up on all this. That'll probably change again into fall, but for now I'm just perpetually behind. This is right now, I think, the biggest gap in the arsd release schedule ever. So I've gotta do something, there's actually a LOT of good stuff, even knowing a bunch of the big stuff is unfinished, not yet in a tag.