arsd 10.2 with http cookies support

Posted 2021-07-05

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What Adam is working on

http2.d cookies

I had stubs in http2.d for cookies, but never implemented them. I now did, the navigateTo method will automatically use them, and you can set retainCookies = true on an individual request, or call client.retainCookies(response) to store them. You can also call client.setCookie to add a cookie to the jar yourself. The current implementation is incomplete but functional.

minigui.d scrollable container widget

In minigui.d, the ScrollableWidget was unusable trash. I wrote the ScrollMessageWidget to use in my game's map editor on an opengl widget, and it is also useful for the embedded terminal emulator features, but it isn't convenient to use for just scrolling other widgets. I now added ScrollableContainerWidget to handle that case. I'm still not completely happy with it - on Windows, it works well unless you put custom-drawn elements inside, and on Linux, it works just OK, still some small ux details to finish, but it is basically functional. Eventually I'll probably remove the old, bad, ScrollableWidget class.

Coming soon

After tagging 10.2, I also found a problem with terminal getline, which throws if you try to paste an invalid utf-8 sequence. I'm changing that in the next release (possibly 10.2.1 or possibly 10.3 in a couple weeks, we'll see the level of urgency) to use the replacement dchar. I am also likely going to highlight non-breaking spaces in the edit line.

Tip of the Week

D supports named character entities in its double quoted string and single quoted char literals. For example, '\ ' for an individual non-breaking space, or "\┌\─\┐" for some box-drawing characters.

Nice to use instead of looking up the unicode numbers or pasting it into the source sometimes.