May 24, 2021 general update

Posted 2021-05-24

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What Adam is working on

Configuring your docs on

The site allows you to commit a file adrdox-config.txt in your repo that holds a reference to the source directory you want it to scan. More options will likely be added later.

This just went live earlier today and has not been well tested, but the initial goal is to more easily exclude test modules from the automatic process.

Minigui 2.0

I hit my feature freeze deadline so now I am working on documentation and testing anticipating a tag in another week or so. Nothing too much changed from last week's report.


A terminal-based gui has been possible with terminal.d for a long time, and there's even a few helpers in there toward it, but my policy has been not to offer much since I think such things are better done outside the terminal; that's what minigui is for and I don't want to duplicate too much.

However, I got a request for some and the ScrollbackBuffer struct in there is just quite close to it all anyway, it just needs some cleanup and documentation to work as a terminal partition, and then the line getter needed a max length... and that's basically good enough to let user code handle the rest. It doesn't need much more. So I plan to put a few of the gaps in this week and then call it done. So this will probably be included in the 10.0 release as well.


I also got a request for cgi.d to speak http on stdin/out. It *almost* can now, it just needs a couple tweaks. I'll also include this for systemd users.

And on Windows, iis is most compatible with the classic cgi and fastcgi modes (and obviously embedded_httpd can work on its own, or proxied, just like anywhere else), but the fastcgi mode is a bit of a hassle because you have to compile it. I might either implement my own fcgi impl or just go ahead and package up a binary build on my website of it for user convenience.

I used the C lib in the first place since fcgi looks like a pain, and I still think it does... so I'll probably just offer a packaged build at some point.

adrdox book mode

And the last thing on my (public) todo list for now is some kind of book mode for the doc generator, that styles and arranges it as chapters rather than module reference pages. I have some css written but can't decide how I want the files to be laid out for navigation generation. But I want to get this functional in the near future, one way or another.