October 25, 2021

Posted 2021-10-25

adrdox gets arcz support to make more of dpldocs.info server space.

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After exhausting the disk space on the dpldocs.info server, I finally merged in the arcz archiver to adrdox. Previously, each file would be gzipped independently. Now, they are put together in the archiver, giving a size reduction to 1/3 the previous usage.

Interestingly, now the source it downloads to build the docs and retains is about 1/2 the space still used. I could just delete that, it isn't used beyond the initial setup, but I kinda like having it around to grep myself from time to time. That's the same reason I don't compress it.... probably should though.

Next week I'll hopefully be showing you a new weekend web project, but it wasn't done before I had to get back to my regular other work this time.