arsd work in progress updates and new "do it in D" idioms section

Posted 2021-12-13

A lot of little things since last update, some info below.

Also see these new little "do it in D" segments on p0nce's d-idioms page which are new since last time:

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What Adam is working on

I made a custom test runner for minigui to automatically take screenshots and save them to files I can link from the docs. Moreover, adrdox can now read certain UDAs into the text body. I'm going to write examples for every class some time this week to have little pictures so people can easily recognize them.

Perhaps a screenshot gallery that links back to the class would be useful too so people can visually browse.

I also added some explicitly stereo convenience functions to simpleaudio (it of course already had stereo sound support, but now the simple helper functions give you a bit more control vs just playing whatever was already in the loaded file) so you can beep out of left or right speakers independently easily.

The dub.json for cgi.d was broken on Windows for the non-basic functionality, so I fixed that and while in the file, added a few more of my modules to it, including the new arsd.minigui_addons.webview. This should be in the 10.5 release as a preview - it isn't stable and probably won't be for some time, but at least then you can start to play with it as a dub user too.

terminal.d's LineGetter has a work-in-progress multiline mode now. It is temporarily bound to ctrl+f2 and acts like a full-screen editor to temporarily switch to, edit a command, then switch back to run it. I might expand this into a miniature editor to aid things like repls.

minigui.d's default file dialog on X now shows directories and files by default, without waiting for the user to press tab to populate the data. The hope is this will be a little more user friendly without a major cost to my personal use. I think I will add thumbnail and/or preview options later too.

And simpledisplay.d is getting some new event loop fine-grained control and more opengl shader helper functions. Not yet ready to show.

I am kinda hoping to go back to my old sidescrolling platform game and make it a bit more playable in the next few weeks just as a more fun demo of the libraries than my usual bunch. We'll see if I actually have the time though. But the cool thing is a little sidescroller engine can be used for platformers, fighting games, even shooters; the Mario, Mortal Kombat, and Contra games aren't that different really. So I have some cool potential there. Just I also need to finish some web projects and get back to that promised post too before the end of the year so only so much time to spend on these side projects!

Lots of work done and a lot more coming.