working toward arsd 10.4

Posted 2021-11-22

Been almost a whole two months since 10.3 and a lot of things are coming together.

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What Adam is working on

arsd 10.4 coming soon, should be next week as all I have left to finish for it is some scrolling behavior in terminal.d's new multi line edit mode.

Many of these are already in partial releases, but with the tag they will be officially stabilized, and the other new things will be making their debut outside of copying the files off my git.

Among the things coming:

  • arsd.webview massive change to work with MS webview2 and CEF.
  • arsd.minigui_addons.webview to provide a nicer interface over them that can be embedded in another application. It isn't really done yet but I made a somewhat usable browser out of it that I used on the dconf stream.
  • big improvements and initial stability to minigui's TableView
  • a multi-line edit mode in terminal.d's LineGetter (basically a little embedded text editor!)
  • X11 Gradient classes in simpledisplay
  • Mixed-dpi awareness in simpledisplay and minigui (and yes this is possible in X too!)
  • minigui Windows widget internal overhaul making various combinations of controls more reliable (notably things nested inside tab widgets) and enabling custom colors in select places (more likely coming soon)
  • terminal.d password prompts officially stabilized
  • 120 KB sliced off dom.d object code
  • disabling of widgets in minigui based on standard Windows controls
  • improved simpledisplay native event hooks on Windows. This deprecates the old way but migration is simple - just add out int useReturnValue to your event delegate.
  • cgi.d's dispatcher getting more convenient to use and auto-generation of web database-backed objects with a rest api coming together (though it will not be finished for 10.4, some pieces of it will be usable)
  • several of bug fixes

Yes, I know, I'm late with this post again, and I'm way behind the promised new web expose part two. It is still coming, just as you can see, I had a lot of other things to work on in the mean time.