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Update on Android
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D on android almost just works out of the box - ldc can build D code, as well as the D runtime, for the android platform and package it into a shared lib. The part I'm fighting with is just integrating it ergonomically.

Adam does iOS "goodbye world"
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Core D Development Statistics
September 30, 2019
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Another LDC beta, and my thoughts on the PHP to D blog post ideas.

D turns 20, Adam rants on software freedom
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D is about 20 years old now, and wow it has changed a lot over the years. Early D didn't even have templates! It is my opinion it has been reinvented about every five years: first to add templates, then to add immutable, then focusing on an era of more stability. We're about due for another change, and I'm encouraged to see D continue to develop.

Named arg DIPs and my thoughts on code organization
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Lots of DIP discussions this week and I will write a little about code organization.

September 9, 2019
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Sorry, phoning it in again this time. But dmd 2.088 came out this week and it has __traits(getLocation) which is exciting. I'll have more next week.

I wrote about mixin templates vs string mixins on Stack Overflow
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I don't have much time to write today, but earlier in the week, I wrote about mixin concepts in D over on Stack Overflow that you might want to check out.

August 26, 2019
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I see gcc 9 and gdc are now in the Slackware Linux package repo, which is fun - D in gcc is something I'm really excited to see.

Bug bounty in D again - my hot take, on reusing code, a fun picture, my tentative plan for the next month
module Blog.Posted_2019_08_19

The SAOC submissions are now in and will be evaluated next week, a new dmd beta came out - with __traits(getLocation) which I'm personally a little excited about - and a bug bounty thing is now live. My hot take below.

Time invested is worth a lot
module Blog.Posted_2019_08_12

My thoughts on invested time and inventions are below.

cgi.d's new scheduler, static this tricks
module Blog.Posted_2019_08_05

This week, I wrote a new schedule server. Below, I describe how it works.

July 29, 2019
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I'm sorry I haven't written much these last couple weeks, I have been busy with family.

July 22, 2019
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Core D Development Statistics
Solving vs managing problems
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Not much time to work on D this week. Got some open source contributions, but mostly the free time was spent elsewhere. This next weekend, I'm visiting family so don't expect much then either.

A big week in the arsd repo
module Blog.Posted_2019_07_08

I spent the last week writing a lot of D code. My new framework in cgi.d is now operational, though it still isn't quite done (notably, the timing system isn't done yet!). In this post, I'll briefly describe some of the new stuff.

July 1, 2019
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I've been very busy the last few weeks doing something crazy, which is taking all my time but I can't talk about yet. As a result though, lots of testing and formalization stuff in my libs, I'll write about it soon.

June 24, 2019
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Thee last two weeks have been awfully busy with other stuff, so I haven't had time to write. I have been writing some D though - the arsd repo is about to get new modules for database code generation and web template handling.

June 17, 2019
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adrdox got package releases in a few places, yay. I also wrote more about avoiding stringof.

CRTP thoughts, named arguments DIP review, DConf videos now on youtube
module Blog.Posted_2019_06_10

My thoughts on the potential of the curiously recurring template pattern in D

musings on hybrid CT/RT tests, some more progress on new web framework
module Blog.Posted_2019_06_03

New LDC beta, GtkD updated (and now uses adrdox for their official docs!!), and I think about CT/RT hybrid tests as well as some more progress on my new web framework.

a little more webassembly
module Blog.Posted_2019_05_27

I was just goofing around with webassembly a bit more this weekend.

May 20, 2019
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I tried to improve cgi.d's build time, but it refused to budge; in this case, Phobos dependency was not to blame, so I have to keep trying things. (It is amazing how much D spoils us; this 2 second complete rebuild from scratch feels soooo slow.)

Adam's string interpolation proposal
module Blog.Posted_2019_05_13

Well, DConf was this week, but I only caught a couple hours of it due to technical difficulties on day one, timezone on day two, and personal life on day three, so I will have to write about that later.

DMD 2.086 live, GCC 9 with D support formally released, DConf coming soon, links to posts on builder pattern and disallowing implicit conversions with templates, and 2d array op overloads
module Blog.Posted_2019_05_06

D 2.086 came out last week. The big news this week though is that DConf is happening in London. It is supposed to be livestreamed and recorded, but I haven't heard any details as to where yet.

template constraint error improvements coming?
module Blog.Posted_2019_04_29

tsvutils update on forum, release candidate dmd, rant on website weight

dmd 2.086 beta, dstep 1.0 released, Adam works on memory usage
module Blog.Posted_2019_04_22

A new dmd beta came out this week, along with DStep officially reaching version 1.0! Meanwhile, I have been fighting growing memory usage in my programs.

obj-c and webassembly report, tips on is expressions linked.
module Blog.Posted_2019_04_15

obj-c and webassembly report, tips on is expressions linked.

new ldc, new dmd, dpp on the blog
module Blog.Posted_2019_04_08

I'm going to have to be lazy this week, since I spent last Monday through Sunday night at various meetings that demanded my attention.

D's future discussed in forums
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Thread with Andrei talking about changes, rvalue ref brought up again (this time by Andrei), tip on CTFE in -betterC, Adam works on web stuff more.

LDC beta, DConf blog link, Adam introduces gamehelpers.d
module Blog.Posted_2019_03_25

I forgot to post last week, so I slapped that post up without commentary, and now for this week, I write a little about a module that has been sitting in my repo for a long time, but hasn't been very useful. Now, it is minimally useful.

March 18, 2019
module Blog.Posted_2019_03_18

DConf schedule release. Otherwise, tbh, I forgot to write and post this week.

LDC 1.15.0-beta1, responsive design rant
module Blog.Posted_2019_03_11

New LDC beta came out, DConf proposal deadline passes, old DIPs get status updates. Adam rants about responsive design.

dmd 2.085.0 released
module Blog.Posted_2019_03_04

Well, most my D work this week was playing with the Objective-C binding. I filed a few bugs and Jacob fixed them, but not all made it into the release. I am awaiting the point release to do more with it, but with the understanding I have of Obj-C now, I was able to get create window in simpledisplay working on Cocoa again.

Obj-C interop and D without druntime code to copy/paste
module Blog.Posted_2019_02_25

More DIP talk in the forums, but I basically ignored all that and played with the new Objective-C interop and some runtime-less D code this week.

dmd beta, more info coming next time, demo of new web framework initial prototype
module Blog.Posted_2019_02_18

The new dmd beta came out this week, with lots of objective-C stuff, but I haven't had a chance to try it yet. Meanwhile, we got another LDC release, and in my world, I made some more progress on my new D web framework.

automatic web interface discussion, reflection tips and tricks
module Blog.Posted_2019_02_11

I got some work done on new web interface generation this week. A new dmd bug fix release came out, among many other community announcements, too.

Adam busy with weather and a move, lots of community announcements
module Blog.Posted_2019_02_04

I spent a huge amount of last week helping a friend do a last-minute move and dealing with a lot of snow... for the second week in a row! As I look outside now, the sun is out and we are back to a whopping 50 degrees Fahrenheit, so I don't wanna sit here typing on the computer for long.

January 28, 2019
module Blog.Posted_2019_01_28

GtkD blog, forum fundraiser, ref accept rvalue DIP argument, and more. Adam rants about libraries.

Working on official blog 2018 retro, C++ new wrapped, dmd reading zips?
module Blog.Posted_2019_01_21

I was approached to write "Last Year in D" for the official blog, and spent much of my free time this week working on that. Upstream, I noticed a little more obj-c code merged, some talk about wrapping C++'s new operator for D as yet another memory management option, and there is a forum post (again) about expanding D to read zip files directly.

dmd obj-c growing, Adam static foreaches an interface to RPC
module Blog.Posted_2019_01_14

In the dmd land, the Objective-C binding keeps getting new stuff pulled, so that is progressing quickly right now, and in my world, I am writing new from-scratch reflection using dmd's new features.

dmd 2.084, hope for future, but busy non-D week for me
module Blog.Posted_2019_01_07

I've had a crazy week with a lot of offline stuff and a lot of day job related work. So, alas, no time to write much for this issue, and I haven't finished the stuff I talked about last week :(

IDE tools released, my cgi.d gets new features
module Blog.Posted_2018_12_31

While the newsgroup raged about professionalism, a new DCD, DScanner, DServer, and other IDE helper tools came out, and I spent the week writing some new code in cgi.d - add-on servers. Also, TWID has its RSS feed live again!

DConf announced, tip, Adam rants: mouse trap
module Blog.Posted_2018_12_24

Big announcement this week: DConf 2019 announced for May 8 - 11, 2019 in London. And I want to call out the thread on CTFE floating point printing - that is some hard code, so having a self-contained port that happens to be CTFEable is cool to keep in mind! Lastly, read on for statements-in-mixin-template tip!

This Week in D is back!
module Blog.Posted_2018_12_17

After a year hiatus, This Week in D is back! However, this time, I want to do things a little differently: