DConf 22 announced. arsd 11 not likely needed soon, 10.9 expected in another month

Posted 2022-05-30

Links to dconf 2022 info. Brief thoughts on next arsd releases.

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arsd short-term roadmap

Well, we're coming up on a full year since the last major version bump, which means I have the option to do one again. However, I don't think I will.

At this time, I have no breaking changes in the pipeline. I do have a vague idea for next year to add another layer of imports, but I'm really in no rush to do it. (Why next year? I want to wait until gdc 12 ages a bit. Then I might drop my support for gdc6, which is currently the oldest compiler I still test on from time to time.)

So the next release is likely to be 10.9, then 10.10 instead of 11.0.

What is going to be in there? I have a few more little things working through, mostly bug fixes. I also don't have any new features in the immediate pipeline either.

I'm working on a slow work project right now that needs to be done and isn't really related to any of the arsd code so that's a big delay in the coming month or two.

The only thing that might disrupt things is the dip1000 stuff coming down dmd. I don't know what that's going to do, but I think I'll generally be ok, but if it is between supporting some bleeding edge dmd and supporting my old compilers... I'm going to keep the old compilers working for another year.

web ideas for next year?

In longer term things, I still have my web framework I need to write more about, and there's some discussion on the chat rooms about perhaps some combined efforts to make something. I'd be nice if there was a bit more coordination so there's potential for something cool here. So that's something we might see in the next year.