I write on respect in discussions. D Vision document partial draft released.

Posted 2022-07-04

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Respect - find out what it means to me

I see respect fairly differently than many. To me, respect is not so much about what words you use or don't use, but rather what you do and don't do.

Among the things you'll want to do to show respect is to listen to what people are saying and try to find the deeper point instead of getting hung up on surface-level details. Read an entire post, indeed, read the entire thread so you have context, before you start replying to it. Don't hit the same point over and over again, this just wastes everyone's time.

If you don't understand something, ask for more information. Do assume the other person has a reasonable basis for their statement and try to learn from it. Don't think they don't understand your concepts, instead do what you can to ensure you are communicating well.

Always try to find the strongest argument someone is making... then destroy it, if you can. You respect an argument by critically scrutinizing it and you respect the person by helping them refine their positions and make the most of their time. Think about how nice it is to have a good bug report for your code. Yes, they are pointing out flaws, but it does so in a way to help you make the code better. If you restate someone's argument in your own words, make sure you are doing it to show understanding, not mockery. And remember, if something seems contradictory, remember that the other person might either know nuance you don't or is trying to make a rhetorical point. If you don't see it, ask for clarification to ensure you're on the same page.

Respect people by respecting their time and their arguments. They're making an effort to engage with you. Make the most of this and you both can come out ahead.

The D vision document

You can see in community announcements an incomplete vision document out of the D leadership. It isn't done yet, so I won't say much on it yet... but there's not much remarkable in there so far, all pretty predictable.