A couple user programs announced, Adam writes more cgi.d docs

Posted 2023-01-30

Qonquest and WildCAD announced on the newsgroup, and Qonquest uses my simpledisplay.d and WildCAD uses X with some custom widgets, so both kinda cool to look at.

Meanwhile, I've been writing some more documentation to cgi.d, updating some old parts and finally doing some overview examples of newer parts.

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What Adam is working on

I've been writing some newer docs for cgi.d, preview available here:


and while in here, I'm adding a new function to dispatchSubsection in a way that you can do filter functions while still keeping compile-time knowledge of paths available, and I also made the serveStaticFileDirectory have a recursive option.

I plan on revamping my data validation system soon too, probably putting at least some of that in the arsd.core so it can be shared between user interfaces, but I haven't gone beyond sketches yet.

I just want to document some of the existing features before going deep into new things again.

Probably more next week.