Overviews, concepts, and tutorials

This section of the documentation has bigger picture documents.


Development Philosophy
module arsd.docs.dev_philosophy

This document aims to describe how things work here, what kind of bugs you can expect, how you can ask for new features, and my views on breaking changes and code organization.

General Concepts
module arsd.docs.general_concepts

This document describes some general programming concepts and tricks and tips that will make using my APIs easier.

Get Help
module arsd.docs.help

Need help with D? Can't find it here? The D community strives to be friendly and approachable, you can always ask us!

Web tutorial
module arsd.docs.web_tutorial

Many of the oldest modules in this repo (along with some of the new ones) were written so I could easily replace PHP with D for writing web applications with server-side HTML rendering, JSON apis, etc.

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