Web.d version 2.0

Goals: 1) Keep the api provider stuff but cleaner 2) Make RESTful objects easier to use like rails in part: index, show, delete, update, create, new also allowing http verbs like in the first version 3) Have sane composition through and through aliasing other objects in should work and form a chain of pre/post processors 4) Have less templated stuff and immutable reflection info tied to typeinfo or something 5) Cleaner auto-formatting 6) Nice customization using UDAs 7) More batteries included (templating, css, etc.) also including link helpers with static checks if possible 8) Better support for automated composition calls 9) Code generation for other languages - JS, PHP, D, and XML 10) Plugins from other sources that can be dropped in 11) Higher performance on things like embedded_httpd

Formats: json, xml, html table, csv, raw, string

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