some adrdox/dpldocsinfo updates

Posted 2020-02-24

I did some more updates to my service for dub package documentation this week.

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What Adam is working on

I did some fixes and changes to The first thing you'll see (and if you don't, press refresh in your browser) is the style is changed to more closely align with the main website.

I also changed the layout a bit of small functions and their attributes. For example, see:

and the attributes are all above, then the return type and function name are all on the same line now. You can also see different colors there from how it was before - a little more subdued. (I'm still not quite happy with it though, but I like it so far.)

On a zero-arg function, like:

you'll see the parenthesis are no also on the one line. I continue to put one param per line, but there was no need to do that with none, so it compacts it more without sacrificing any readability.

Lastly, it got a new favicon.

I'd like to change the header a little more to make it look nicer soon too.

I also did some performance improvements on the dub documentation, and adrdox is available as a dub package.