terminal.d gets clipboard functions, ldc 1.20 out.

Posted 2020-02-17

I worked a little on terminal.d this week in between day job and house stuff.

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I've had some crazy time lately being busy with day job stuff as well as things with health and around the house. But, I have done some work on terminal.d lately, including some (small) breaking changes and a few new features.

New features include a method for displaying inline image if you happen to be on my custom terminal emulator (and one to detect if you are), and clipboard access, again, on supported systems - which include my terminal emulator, Microsoft Windows, and certain (rare) builds of xterm. So probably not super useful to you, but it will improve the getline function a bit on Windows especially. When you press ctrl+v or shift+insert in the getline function, its default behavior is now to request a paste event. Similarly, middle click will request a paste from primary, if possible.

There's also a new function hasDefaultDarkBackground which just best guesses if the default background on the user's terminal is black. It is fairly reliable on Windows, but guesses on Linux. I may be able to improve it more in the future.

The workOnLine method now takes a pointer to the input source to enable these. You don't have to pass one for now for legacy compatibility but eventually I do want to make it required. If you subclassed it (though I don't think you ever should!) you will have to add the argument there too and forward it.

I expect these are all extremely niche - the core of terminal.d has been good for a while - but may be helpful in some cases to make slightly richer terminal programs.