Walter's string interpolation proposal is OK but not great. My Android thing nearing beta release. dub downtime explained.

Posted 2019-12-16

My Android stuff is now on the dub repo:

It has the helper programs, bindings, and instructions. I might do a druntime download too but not sure since that is tied to ldc versions. But the process is in there to build yourself too. Also ties into my jni library which is pretty cool.

For the android project, I might include OpenGL and OpenSL headers too from ndk, but I am not sure since projects using that might pull them from elsewhere. Lastly, I might pull in Java class definitions too, but at this moment I think it is better to do those as-needed.

I'm probably not going to write very much next week, but I encourage anyone with any interest in Android to give my thing a try and let me know how it goes.

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