template constraint error improvements coming?

Posted 2019-04-29

tsvutils update on forum, release candidate dmd, rant on website weight

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Exciting dmd pull request

Check this out: https://github.com/dlang/dmd/pull/9715 someone else is trying to improve dmd's template constraint error messages too! I hope this gets pulled in; to me, D's error messages are the biggest day-to-day hassle of using the language, so I'll take any improvement, even if small and imperfect.

Adam's rant

It is amazing to me how big things are nowadays. D's hello world, once about 170 KB out of the box, now takes effort to make it under 400 KB. To say hello. The official D blog's newest article weighs in at well over a megabyte! To deliver a plain text article. (and BTW over 600 KB of that is javascript!)

And I'm not immune to this either. I found an old copy of dom.d from 2011, it was about 1/3 the size it is now. When you use dom.d, all that code gets compiled into your executable... even if you don't actually need any more than what was available 8 years ago. My bloat can become your bloat.

I suspect templates and UFCS, when used carefully, can help the linker's dead code removal avoid that, by taking more out of the class' vtable where they are pinned. But that's a hassle too.

Meh, again, I rant, but I am too lazy to care.