dmd 2.084, hope for future, but busy non-D week for me

Posted 2019-01-07

I've had a crazy week with a lot of offline stuff and a lot of day job related work. So, alas, no time to write much for this issue, and I haven't finished the stuff I talked about last week :(

Something very exciting to me did happen this week though: dmd merged my range error PR! And Jacob is working on the Objective-C PR, and it looks like it is likely to be merged soon. A new DMD came out this week, but I think the next release will be more exciting to me. This dmd did get the grammar change for __traits, which is cool, among other things, but still, the next release is what really gets my attention. There was a long stretch of dmd releases where I just didn't care, but I feel it is picking up steam again - some changes to the management process I believe are to thank for this, removing some of the contribution demotivators.

Lastly, the DConf call for submissions is open. I am kinda considering putting in a proposal, but if I do, I will want to try a new talk format... and I haven't decided a topic yet. If any of you really want to see something, let me know, I might just look into it.

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I continued some of the work on cgi.d's new stuff, and am reasonably happy with the event source server API, but I am still not quite ready to formally release it. Give me one more week...

I did fix the adrdox bug noted at the end of last week though: it was a totally unnecessary nested foreach loop. Not even sure why it was there, but removing it brought my blog rebuild time from 3.5s down to 0.1! I also added a -j option, like make, to increase the number of jobs it uses to build output. I will deploy this to the site soon, and it should give a ~50% speed boost on building new docs. also gained support for gitlab repositories. Bitbucket coming this week - it has only allowed github dub repositories until recently. Thanks to WebFreak on IRC for pushing me and providing useful information in getting this implemented.

I also did some tweaks of my arsd.htmltotext module. This converts HTML to plain text. I use it for html emails, and am working on a dpldocs converter too. (Yes, you can use the site in a text browser, but I want an even better experience.) htmltotext is barely documented; it is in the repo, but I basically only use it myself.

Well, more stuff coming! Hopefully, I won't be too overloaded this week :)