This Week in D is back!

Posted 2018-12-17

After a year hiatus, This Week in D is back! However, this time, I want to do things a little differently:

  • It is generated by adrdox instead of ddoc. No more putting $(P) around each paragraph!
  • I will be posting on Monday instead of Sunday.
  • Before, I tried not to talk too much about myself, but now, I am going to write a lot about my stuff - even little updates on what I plan to do in my libraries or even just some work stuff (even if I can't actually show it to you - just to point out what we can do with D).
  • I might summarize threads sometimes, but for the most part, I am just going to lean on the auto-generated stats and announce lists.
  • I am not committing to writing tips of the week or other articles... yet. But, I am also running a patreon account, and it exceeds $130 / month, I will commit to one longer article per month - including giving $100 to the author of that article to spread the money around the community. (The other $30 is hosting costs for support for dub packages.)

Note that I have not ported the RSS feed over yet, but I will, probably next week. I'll let you know when I do!

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Community announcements

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What Adam is working on

I've been making a Slack client utilizing arsd.minigui, and this process of dogfooding has been making me fix more bugs and think about different ways of organization.

See, minigui right now has a simple goal: work for me by having a very traditional set of widget classes with callback events and subclassing for custom paint customization. It automatically does layouts based on widgets created, and using a bit of D's reflection, it can also create dialogs and menus out of code too - struct members, UDAs, etc.

But, aside from that, it is a pretty simple library. Thin wrapper around common controls on Windows, and an implementation of the same for Linux/X11, catered to my personal preferences.

The more I use it, I like it - it is quick and simple - but the more I wonder if I should do it a bit differently. I *could* add CSS support, at least on the custom_widgets version (which, on the other hand, lacks accessibility support...), and it would be sometimes useful. I *could* do some reactjs style state and redrawing... but do I want to?

Well, I haven't decided yet. I certainly want to keep the library somewhat small though, so well, we'll see what happens later. But whether I rearchitect it or not, actually using it day to day is certainly helping work the bugs out of those custom widgets.

I just need to write a better text layouter eventually :P

Future directions for this blog

Of course, I am also working on the blog and generator. I will fix the rss generation soon, and link back to the old archives. But I also am not completely happy with the style yet and might tweak the generator a bit more... and maybe enable comments here (until then, just talk about it on the D forums) but mostly, I just wanna get back into writing about stuff each week.