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Mathematical Special Functions


Encode and decode Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs). URIs are used in internet transfer protocols. Valid URI characters consist of letters, digits, and the characters ;/?:@&=+$,-_.!~*'() Reserved URI characters are ;/?:@&=+$, Escape sequences consist of % followed by two hex digits.


Regular expressions are a commonly used method of pattern matching on strings, with regex being a catchy word for a pattern in this domain specific language. Typical problems usually solved by regular expressions include validation of user input and the ubiquitous find & replace in text processing utilities.


Contains the elementary mathematical functions (powers, roots, and trigonometric functions), and low-level floating-point operations. Mathematical special functions are available in std.mathspecial.


Arbitrary-precision ('bignum') arithmetic.


This module describes the digest APIs used in Phobos. All digests follow these APIs. Additionally, this module contains useful helper methods which can be used with every digest type.


Templates which extract information about types and symbols at compile time.


Support for Base64 encoding and decoding.


Implements functionality to read Comma Separated Values and its variants from an input range of dchar.


This module implements the formatting functionality for strings and I/O. It's comparable to C99's vsprintf() and uses a similar format encoding scheme.


A UUID, or Universally unique identifier, is intended to uniquely identify information in a distributed environment without significant central coordination. It can be used to tag objects with very short lifetimes, or to reliably identify very persistent objects across a network.


This module is a port of a growing fragment of the numeric header in Alexander Stepanov's Standard Template Library, with a few additions.


Information about the target operating system, environment, and CPU.


Read/write data in the zip archive format. Makes use of the etc.c.zlib compression library.


String handling functions.

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